Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Note to self

Stop going for naps that last 12 hours
Take more pro plus
Stop worrying that everyone in law is SO much better than you, and instead just do all the work you can.

I accidently fell asleep well I had planned to have a 2 hour nap from 5-7 and then continue on to do my EU essay and prepare for tort, however I woke up an hour ago, and realised that I had a brief conversation with my mother on the phone, and that someone had rung me from an anymous number and I just put the phone down on them.

Things are not going so well. I have a very limited time to prepare for my tort seminar as I fell asleep, I have an EU essay to do which I only have a vague idea about, and I have Equity and Trusts to prepare for which isnt exactly fun. Ohh I also plan to go out tomorrow, to a trendy London club, I actually havent been out for a drink in aboutt 3 weeks so that should be fun, and NOTHING is going to stop me from going out. :)

Time for a cup of tea I think.

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