Friday, 29 August 2008

Do I look like a LAC?

Two emails have appeared in my lostlaw google account, both asking me to get them out of TFL court summons. Do I look like a LAC? Perhaps I should start charging for responding to these letters, but then I begrudginly realise that some people also helped me and didn't charge for it.

I wonder if you google "will fare evasion fuck up my chances of becoming a barrister" then this blog comes up?

I will consider requests for help, but you must ply me with a good bottle of white wine that costs at least £5 from the offy, perhaps a nice gallo chardonnay.

Additionally I wonder if some Law students are stupid, I will not copy and paste you samples of my letter that got me out of my court summons! Here's a hint mention PACE ;)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Exam tomorrow

My only resit is tomorrow, and hopefully my last resit, preparation has not gone too well for it, with the whole TFL court summons taking up a lot of my time and also me losing my glasses.

All I need to do is pass, so lets all pray for me ya?

New glasses


I thought I had picked really trendy glasses, that were geek chick however now I realise after actually having put lenses in them, that they are just geek, and possibly the ugliest glasses I have ever bought!!!!

Stuck with them now though!!! ah!!!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Someone stole my glasses!

I was happily dancing in a drunken way in a place that I go to slightly often, only to have someone touch my face and have my glasses fly off into the abyss which was the dance floor.

I then ran about, asked a bouncer to try and find them but couldn't. Stayed til the end of the night beng emotional about losing my glasses, the bar manager wasn't of much use either.
Reported it to the bouncer outside, then got someones number who sore what happened.


I have found out from the guy who luckily gave me his number said that someone swiped the glasses from my face. So whilst I thought they just slapped me round the face or tried to punch me they had got my glasses. I just thought they had been knocked off, onto the dance floor.
The man who took my glasses, was later in a fight, and stopped by the police apparently, so hopefully they'll have his details.

I'm thinking of several things, why after my TFL victory and how good will I be when I'm prosecuting the cunt.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008




Thanks you lot for the advice you gave!!


Sunday, 10 August 2008

Criminal Record - Does it Matter?

So does it matter?

Bar Boy, has alerted me to the fact that Inner Temple will now no longer accept those who are convicted of fare evasion in any capacity, so don't get caught!

Solicitor said - "oh not really I have a few colleagues who have been in a similar situation"

Inner Temple says - if you have any previous criminal convictions your application to join us will have to put to a special body,

Other stuff on the internet says - a criminal conviction for something like fare evasion can damage your career, offers of recruitment can be withdrawn, all over a simple not paying for a bus fare.

Barristers and solictors are throughlly checked, and if I were to get a guilty conviction it would be spent after 5 years, however this would still show up after my "rehabiltation" period was over as I would have to disclose all previous convictions.

May be worrying about this a bit too much, then again may go jump off a bridge.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

TFL - The Letter back

Currently trying to draft a letter back to TFL so that I can settle this mess out of court.
It appears that a conviction for faredodging whether or not one is innocent will effect any future jobs. Shit
Just sent the letter to my mama, for verification of it's goodness, however what I got was that it was a big rant, and that I sounded too much like a law student trying to do them over and if she were a prosecutor then she would just try and prosecute me.

Eurgh this sucks.

Also I will not qualify for legal aid, so any representation I will have to pay for!!!
Also they have included in evidence something which I would say was an alleged confession to the crime, and they didnt caution me, yet have used the evidence so I guess thats pretty inadmissable.

What an up hill struggle

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Opportunity 2

Right well this is all balls up, none of the information I am getting or reading on the internet seems exactly clear.

It looks like TFL are very very very bad ass, in regarding the prosecution of cases, they do not bother to read apology letters nor do they care if it was a simple mistake of touching in or not and whether or not you had money on your oyster card at the time.

I have a few options - either plead guilty via post (apparently the best as there is no point of going to court for all the hassle) or go to court - wearing a nice suit and try to explain what happened - however the general reaction is that - it still wont wash.

Now the only problem I have is that is is not clear whether or not I will have a criminal record on a CRB check. Now as I want to become a barrister I'm guessing a criminal record is a no no. Now what I've been reading is that I will probably end up with a non recordable criminal offence, that will not show up on the NPC (national police computer) and then there is varying opinions of whether or not one should disclose it on an application for a job.

Also very interestingly is the idea of applying PACE into an arguement, I was NOT under caution when the evidence was taken, therefore the evidence should be inadmissable n'est pas? Yet what I said and what the ticket inspectors said are being used in a court of law.

I think I shall plead guilty by post and write a letter of mitigating circumstances, such as I am a student, I had money on my oyster card but forgot to touch in blah di blah. I just do not want to have to declare this as being convicted of a criminal offence when applying for pupillage *weeps*


Oh dear it appears after 6 months and a grovelling letter of apology that I have been summoned to appear in the magistrates court for failing to pay my bus fare. The evidence against me and I've seen it in written form basically incriminates me as "SORRY I DIDN'T DO IT" which could be interpreted as who knows?

So erm who wants to be my counsel? These forms are a bit shit aswell as I think its only on the 3rd page that says if you wish to have a solicitor blah di blah.

So should I seek a solicitor or just plead absolutely guilt.. Oh bollocks I have no money I do hope I qualify for legal aid.

Bugger bugger FUCK FUCK!

Just read - an application will be made for a £100 contribution to TFL.. so im guessing thats just the fine!

Rant: Perhaps I should take TFL for court for their FAULTY machines which incorrectly took money off my oyster card whhich meant I couldnt get the night bus home which also meant I had to spend £30 on a fucking taxi!!!

Option: I think I shall plea guilty by post!

Sunday, 3 August 2008


I seem to have one vice in my life at the moment, that is the related problems of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Now I am wondering whether or not I should cut out alcohol completly from my life (bit of a stupid idea) or just do it in moderation.

Think I might just give it up for a while