Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Results are in...

So I found on Tuesday that I passed my masters with Merit. I gained enough in my dissertation in order to be eligible to be accepted onto a PhD programme if I wanted to.

However . . .

I must say I wasn't very happy about the result and I spent some time beating myself up about it. I asked for some feedback and I was told that if anything I was probably slightly too descriptive in some places.

I've spoken to friends and they all say this is a good result, however I know that there will be others wanting to go to the Bar, into the same area of law, that will probably have masters degrees who obtained distinctions. I know that if I wanted to go on and do a PhD there would also be applicants with Distinctions.

So after being slightly disappointed with my result, I was told that I should try and get an article or two out of it! I am not sure exactly how possible this is. Given that I am currently very busy being unemployed. I may have to schedule in some time between eating, smoking and watching Come Dine With Me.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Accident and Health Insurance

A certain internship I am applying for requires that I purchase accident and health insurance cover..

These raises two questions.

1.What will they be making me do
2. How can I (an unemployed law graduate - of which there are many) afford accident and health insurance?

The mind boggles.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lost - Again?!

It is not without some anticipation that I jump back into the legal blogosphere. However as I now find myself without employment (again), combined with the decision to not do the BVC (or whatever it is called now) in order to get some more 'experience'; I feel that I have little else to do.

My life for the past year has been somewhere between hectic and lazy. I finished my masters' degree of which I should hopefully be told the results sometime in October. I have also finished my stint of teaching criminal law, which apart from a long tearful story I shall not go into.

So now I find myself, again, Lost in the sea of life and legal misery. After having only just finished my latest degree in the last weeks of August, I cheerily thought to myself that things would get easier and soon I would be awashed with legal internships of the most prestigious kind.

This is not so the case! As I now find myself sleeping long hours everyday, playing a game of how long will I let my beard grow before I shave it off, or rather when will I be able to afford a razor...

So yes - I am back, amidst these other brilliant law blogs - trying to find my way again.