Monday, 26 November 2007

Good/Bad week

I was having really really good week.
I had been to everything, was getting up about 8 am everyday. Going to Uni about 9 coming back around 4-5 every day, prepared for all my seminars etc, until I got really drunk on Thursday and didnt wake up till about 12pm on Friday.

Bit annoyed really as that meant I had missed two lectures and a seminar!! Which normally would be quite usual for me to miss in a week, however I have changed now I hope because I want to do this law degree! I really do! I want to go to the bar, do criminal law, or maybe tort, or maybe medical negligence and just get going!!!

So this week I shall hopefully do everything, and seeming as I have no seminars this week, it means that I can do lots of work for my seminars next week :) yay!

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