Friday, 9 November 2007

An Introduction

Hello there,
Let me introduce myself. I am a 19 year old male law student with delusions of perhaps one day practicing at the bar (however without that 1st class degree lets consider that it will be impossible and that im getting into thousands of pounds into debt for nothing)

I currently in my 2nd year Law LLB at a semi-prestigious London university good for Law but not a lot else according to the Guardian and The Times.

What else to write? I have other interests which normally have a higher priority than actually do law work such as going out to clubs and waking up the next morning wondering what I have done and who I have offended.

I hope to start this blog for other law students who feel that they don't quite cut the mustard with all the other bloggers out there, who seem so enthusiatically whimisical with every post that it makes us less presentable people feel a bit crap, and perhaps for all those students who can't seem to be stuck in the library 9-5 Monday to Friday because they can't even get themselves out of bed!

The title of this blog adequatelly describes how I feel, Lost (not the tv series), completly. While I can be hardworking I'm not the type that loves to study law, (perhaps a change in degree is needed) Like most law students I feel apathetic towards a degree that ultimately decides my career. A career in law almost seems like a joke in my current situation, am I an oxbridge graduate? Do I have a 1st? Do I have a 10 page CV full of extra curricular activities? No!
Oh well High Street Solicitor firm for me then.

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