Saturday, 17 November 2007

Moot Complaint

In the end I moaned enough to my friend about how poorly we did in the moot that one of my friends suggested that I complain about it.

Now what actually happened was that the appellants sent us a moot skeleton only citing 4 cases, then turned up to the moot with 8 cases. So I emailed the moot master saying how unfair and unreasonable it was to surprise us with four new cases and that we couldnt comment on half of the appellants arguement, nor answer judicial questions that referred to the other teams cases.

Even though we did shit anyway - as will probably be confirmed by the moot judges, it was still unfair for them to use 4 new cases.

The moot master has responded that he will let everyone know that they have cite all their cases in their skeleton.. but said nothing else, which probably means that the Judge was insistent on the fact that even if we had read their cases then we still would have been soo shit as to not allow us through.

Maybe I should complain some more.. I want another go where both teams actually KNOW each others cases.


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