Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Mooting Frenzy

I have a moot on Thursday on promissory estoppel, which when I first saw the moot problem I though I knew little about. I turned to my seminar/lecture notes from last year and it appears that I had decided to give that topic a miss for some particular reason ( was probably out getting wankered - it was my first year)

So now my moot partner and I are frantically trying to prepare our skeleton tomorrow on promissory estoppel and consideration. If only I didnt lend my nutcases on contract law to my partner then I may have actually had a heads up on what I was doing. Some very lovely (hardworking) friends have given me some of their notes which I have breezed through and I have read some of the text book outlining the key principles however I have yet to read a case about it!

I am sometimes stupidly lazy! Though it does seem to pay off as last year I got to the 3rd round of mooting (out of five) with doing all the preparation the night before!! (obviously not a good habbit to have in chambers though)

So I'm off to do some reading in the hope that somehow I may enlighten myself about promissory estoppel and how to make my speech last ten minutes on it. :S
(note last year I actually typed out my entire speech for a moot was approx 2500 words, and I dont thnk that even lasted me ten minutes.. I dare to think what will happen this time)

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