Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I have just given my research proposal for my MA Res to my lecturer for quick reading..
Apparently I have enough to cover 3 PHDs!!


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Awards Galore!!!

A very kind Minx (and shall we say inspirational ) decided to dish out some awards and I won

The Criminal Silk Wannabe of the Year Award

"Goes without any SHADOW of a DOUBT to Lost London Law Student, whose NAKED Academic - Practitioner Ambitions in the field of Criminal Law invariably mean that he will likely be a Senior Judge sitting in the Bailey before you can say ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ ."

How she knew I do my academic work naked I'll never know, but a very special THANK YOU to the Minx who has supported all of us time and time again.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Academic v Practitioner

I am currently in a bit of a predicament, that were spurred on by a Judge's comments today, on my last day of marshalling.

I had to do some research for him, although I assumed he would already know the answer, and he had previously said that he had a problem with one pupil who didn't do the research and lied about it etc so I thought I would get it right. Turns out that my research was "excellent". The query at the end of the day was whether I was more inclined more towards academia than advocacy. According to particular Judge I didn't strike him much as an advocate, but was "obviously" a bright lad.

So as I was walking home, I found myself questioning whether or not I would want to at the Bar doing some very dull work in the first few years, that didn't contain much legal theory such as appellate work.

This had all been further confused by Cambridge sending me a letter asking for my final transcript. Of course I assumed that I had already not gotten in, so had asked a well known lecturer if I could do something with him for a year. If i do get into Cambridge which one do I choose between, the well known academic, or the well known university? Furthermore I still have a Middle Temple Scholarship, which I do not know how long I can defer for until I will actually have to give it up.

Minx and others have already suggested that I get something heavy weight under my belt.. hmm damn this scholarship if I didn't have it then I wouldn't feel so constrained to go and do the BVC!

Monday, 6 July 2009


'twas my first day of marshalling today.

The first day I actually leave early to get to where I need to be and I am stuck on the tube for 15 minutes waiting for a defective train ahead to be moved on! Luckily when I arrived the judge I was shadowing wasn't sitting.

I am currently sitting in on a Sex Offence case, gruesome to say the least. ABE videos are horrible and slightly soul destroying. Trying to remain emotionless throughout an outbreak of pure sadness, is really really difficult. I am not sure I am attracted to doing sex offence cases.

I have been given more responsibility on the research I am working on, whilst exciting is also a bit shit scary in case I mess it up!!

I am trying to decide the future of this blog, there have been a few comments left over time that indicate that people know who I am, whilst I don't particularly have a problem with a select few knowing my real identity, I am not so keen as for people to come onto the blog and recognise its me writing!! I shall either be editing/deleting the more unsuitable posts or if it comes to the worst perhaps deleting the blog and moving on.