Saturday, 20 December 2008


Lost has perhaps indeed lost all respect for himself as he failed to write a good essay for his referee and it was also so shit that it is beneath his referee to even glance at it. H e will most likely shred it, and put it in his solicitor's cage, for his humble caged solicitors to urinate on, as that it what it is worth.

Eurgh, if only the essay question wasn't a shitter.. here is hoping that everyone else in the class is as thick as shit to.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


**Edit** Just hate the tired feeling of going in at 9 and coming out at 5! So tired! How do normal people function? Let alone how will I function as Barrister working 14 hours a day? !

Suffice to say that I HATE my work experience with the solicitors so far.
If I make it through the week without calling in sick then that will be great.

The main reason for my hatred is that in the past two days no one has offered to buy me lunch!!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Criminal Law Masters?

Does anyone know of any good criminal law masters?

Not sure if I am looking for theory/substantative part either. I did criminology last year and I'm not sure if it was just the way it was taught, but it was highly boring/my teacher made me want to pluck my eyelashes out.

Help Please?

Monday, 8 December 2008

Last week of term!

Last week of term and only 3 tutorials to prepare for, one moot and two essays.
I can see that this will be a productive week or perhaps only so on the mooting front as I am determined to win!

I am not at all daunted by mooting in front of one of my favourite teachers who happens to be an advocacy trainer at one of the Inn's of court.. no no no, I shall persevere and perspire much like last time.
"Mr Lost you should restrain yourself from touching your face with your hands"
"Yes your Lordship I am much obliged, it's just that my face is pissing with sweat and clouding my glasses" The moot this time is on murder of a baby, who was removed from life support, all Re A and Bland stuff I imagine (I am still waiting for Smith and Hogan to become available from the Library no other textbook will do!)

I'm then off for my three weeks of GLORIOUS Yuletide festivities. One week being spent at a Band 3: Solicitors firm the other two trying to CLEANSE myself of the dirty solicitors that I spent my company with and the other two weeks will be spent trying to catch up on the whole of my first term, eating lots and passing out in pubs. I'm not entirely sure which activity will take prime importance but I do see a distinct possibility of one of them being more enjoyable than the other.

I am slightly excited about Christmas, only really in terms of the great BEAST of a feast that is Christmas Dinner, I don't care much about presents I am always to poor to give anyone any, and for the past two years I have wanted nothing but a helping hand in reducing my overdraft!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

30 to 1.

Watching the Barristers Episode 4 has made me realise that cunts do exist.

2 Dr Johnson’s Buildings for example. After the Head of Chambers says "Oh we can take on about two tenants" and then chambers goes on to take four. Then they all get informed that they have tenancy. Oh tenancy, that's nice bit of security now they can just get on with working 14 hours a day and sucking solicitors asshole's for work.

However the "agreement" is subject to ratification? Is it? It seems that some very poor tenants decided that they would pick on Kakoly. She was summoned again to a 30 against 1 interview. We are informed that a "few" members of chambers grilled her, and were "impressed" with her advocacy.

Now I wonder why the BEEB wasn't allowed to film this?

I would rather cut off my own hand than stay in a chambers where you know that certain people don't want you there.

Kakoly performed extremly well in my opinion, not only dealing with her first crown court appearance agaisnt someone very senior than herself, but also dealing with being reinterviewed for tenancy, was polite about it all and didn't really show how upset she was. Good for her! I do however think she should change chambers.