Friday, 13 February 2009

Humble Pie

Last night I was booted out of the internal mooting competition. Suffice to say that I am now eating humble pie. After thinking that I was the shit after my external moot perhaps it was a good thing, I hadn't prepared as vigorously as I had hoped and I came over nervous. Bit disappointing really after my lecturer and mooting couch came to view me and I didn't win.

Perhaps it was the lack of sleep, and numerous amounts of red bull. Nerves so I am told can effect ones practice at the Bar, getting nervous in a magistrate's court when you weren't nervous in the Court of Appeal the week before.

A humbling experience really, and I'm glad that the other two went through, there was one really good mooter who stood out and I was told that it was between me and the second girl.

Currently I am relieved that its over! I don't think I could have possibly managed preparing for a semi-final moot competition, the third round of the OUP, the LAC and 4 subjects.. but I am disappointed that I didn't get any further, I would have loved to go to the final and face a 3 Court of Appeal Judge bench!!

Ah well...

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Check out some fresh blood

For a while Uni Looney was the newbie, however there are now more!!


Who has described himself as a radical and wants to reform the pupillage application process!

Check them out.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Pupillage Advice # 2

After my very helpful, Pupillage Advice# 1 which was about stamping out the "ums and ers"
I have more pupillage advice for you all.

GOOD SHOES (Ok so perhaps not glitzy like Dorothy's but a good pair of kickers nonetheless)

The Bar is obsessed with shoes so I am told. When I wore what I considered my nicest if not slightly knackered pair of Hudson's woven black leather shoes to my moot last Wednesday I was informed there after that I should have polished my shoes and infact that I needed new ones.

I was slightly annoyed as I thought my shoes were fab, obviously not, despite the fact that I had polished them too..

So if one is going to a pupillage interview, or attending a mini-pupillage one should always wear your bestest shoesies, for fear of being judged as not being "serious".....

P.S Could BarBoy Please invite me so I can read his blog?