Saturday, 9 August 2008

TFL - The Letter back

Currently trying to draft a letter back to TFL so that I can settle this mess out of court.
It appears that a conviction for faredodging whether or not one is innocent will effect any future jobs. Shit
Just sent the letter to my mama, for verification of it's goodness, however what I got was that it was a big rant, and that I sounded too much like a law student trying to do them over and if she were a prosecutor then she would just try and prosecute me.

Eurgh this sucks.

Also I will not qualify for legal aid, so any representation I will have to pay for!!!
Also they have included in evidence something which I would say was an alleged confession to the crime, and they didnt caution me, yet have used the evidence so I guess thats pretty inadmissable.

What an up hill struggle

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