Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Someone stole my glasses!

I was happily dancing in a drunken way in a place that I go to slightly often, only to have someone touch my face and have my glasses fly off into the abyss which was the dance floor.

I then ran about, asked a bouncer to try and find them but couldn't. Stayed til the end of the night beng emotional about losing my glasses, the bar manager wasn't of much use either.
Reported it to the bouncer outside, then got someones number who sore what happened.


I have found out from the guy who luckily gave me his number said that someone swiped the glasses from my face. So whilst I thought they just slapped me round the face or tried to punch me they had got my glasses. I just thought they had been knocked off, onto the dance floor.
The man who took my glasses, was later in a fight, and stopped by the police apparently, so hopefully they'll have his details.

I'm thinking of several things, why after my TFL victory and how good will I be when I'm prosecuting the cunt.


The Uni Looney said...

wow sorry to hear!

Are they designer? IF so some glasses cost alot of money. My sister's costs £100+.

Good luck in your exam!

Lost said...

Just found out from someone who saw what happened, a guy who was I near swiped them off my face...

I thought they had been knocked on the floor but he obviously didnt like me for some reason and knicked them..

Obviously as I wasnt wearing my glasses I couldnt see who took them!!

My informant said he saw the guy again in a fight, he called the police, hoping that I would be around to identify him, and I wasn't so .. I've had my glasses stolen!!

Android said...

That's bad news. I hope you can get some new glasses soon!

Lost said...

I have an exam on friday ahh!!! I can see what I am typing though its just a bit blurry!!

Anonymous said...

I used to spend my life loosing/ breaking my glasses. My solution was to invest in LASEK. Best money I ever spent.

Mel said...

Blimey, that's bad timing! You'll strain your eyes.

Can you not get a temporary replacement/ contacts?

Swiss Tony said...

Lost, do as LG says and get your eyes lasered.

The thrill of being able to wear sunglasses and still see properly is worth it.

It only took me 4 years of not wearing glasses to remember to not keep trying to push them back up onto my nose! Old habits die hard.

Good luck with the exams.


Law Minx said...

Having your eyes Zapped souns like a good idea to me; a friend of mine had it done and it increased her self confidence no end, to say nothing of the fact that it saved her an absolute FORTUNE in busted specs!!

Lost said...

But I like wearing glasses.. they suit my face!!! Also I have heard that laser eye surgery can go wrong, and someones dad who makes the machines say that only 1/20 operations is absolutely perfect and all the rest are slightly defective!

I shall just not get soo pissed the next time I go out!