Thursday, 21 August 2008

Exam tomorrow

My only resit is tomorrow, and hopefully my last resit, preparation has not gone too well for it, with the whole TFL court summons taking up a lot of my time and also me losing my glasses.

All I need to do is pass, so lets all pray for me ya?


Android said...

Good Luck!

Law Minx said...

I am totally sending you positive vibes, Lost - but I dont think you'll need them, you're going to be absolutely FINE!! :)

Lost said...

I've slightly under prepared for this one :( 10 per cent of my year failed so hopefully it will be a nice and easy paper!!!

Free movements of goods, and direct effect of directives yuck, and just about to go over competence if I get stuck!!!

Oliver Smith said...

Good luck for the resit!