Thursday, 7 August 2008


Oh dear it appears after 6 months and a grovelling letter of apology that I have been summoned to appear in the magistrates court for failing to pay my bus fare. The evidence against me and I've seen it in written form basically incriminates me as "SORRY I DIDN'T DO IT" which could be interpreted as who knows?

So erm who wants to be my counsel? These forms are a bit shit aswell as I think its only on the 3rd page that says if you wish to have a solicitor blah di blah.

So should I seek a solicitor or just plead absolutely guilt.. Oh bollocks I have no money I do hope I qualify for legal aid.

Bugger bugger FUCK FUCK!

Just read - an application will be made for a £100 contribution to TFL.. so im guessing thats just the fine!

Rant: Perhaps I should take TFL for court for their FAULTY machines which incorrectly took money off my oyster card whhich meant I couldnt get the night bus home which also meant I had to spend £30 on a fucking taxi!!!

Option: I think I shall plea guilty by post!


The Uni Looney said...

How did you even get on the bus without paying bus fair?

I would ring a solictor for consultation go to a small firm and they could do it free.

Lost said...

In london you have bendy buses where you can get on in the middle of the bus..

The Uni Looney said...

Argh right, intreasting. Just say you forgot to was drunk....stress.

Couldnt you limit the blame with an excuse like intoxication...say you was getting chaseed by a gang of youths...there you go. Duress.