Sunday, 3 August 2008


I seem to have one vice in my life at the moment, that is the related problems of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Now I am wondering whether or not I should cut out alcohol completly from my life (bit of a stupid idea) or just do it in moderation.

Think I might just give it up for a while


The Uni Looney said...

Why not just cut to a weaker beer?

Law Minx said...

Hi Lost,

Try and cut it down, rather than cut it out totally - as a former Liver Failure Nurse Specialist, I wouldn't want to see you pickle that wonderful organ with excess;moderation is the key!! :)

Lost said...

Drinking in moderation sounds good!
Having mates over for dinner tonight, jesus im only 19 and wanting to be grown up already!

Minxy I always think of you as a similar age to me!!! In fact I now have no idea how old you are and its too inpolite to ask a lady her age!

Hi unilooney - i dont really drink beer quite fatty and fuck knows I don't need to put anymore weight!
- I might be commenting on your blog a lot UL

lawminx said...

Why thank you, Lost, for believing me to be a teenager! I am ,I think, still a RAGING Adolescent inside, with an unfortunately sensible outside that is wearing reasonably well, all things considered!
(*whispers - I'm in my thirties!!*, and thats JUST between you and me, ok???!! )

OOO wot are you having for dinner, you legal sophisticate,you?!?

Lost said...

I had beef wellington - recipe provided by Gordon Ramsay, was really really good, then someone brought round some champagne!! Ahh! this isnt helping my moderation!!!!

I have quite a few mates in their thirties!! :) Everyone is 18 for about 30 years lol

Law Minx said...

What IS student life coming to? Beef Wellington a la GORDON?? Champers?? Whatever happened to melted cheese on chips and a bitter shandy?!? You are too posh by HALF for me!!

Lost said...

ah well technically i cheated!! I used mince meat and made it into a sausage shape!

My mate had also got the bottle of champers from her mums wedding so it wasnt all too bad!

I am however very poor and in need of a job!