Friday, 29 August 2008

Do I look like a LAC?

Two emails have appeared in my lostlaw google account, both asking me to get them out of TFL court summons. Do I look like a LAC? Perhaps I should start charging for responding to these letters, but then I begrudginly realise that some people also helped me and didn't charge for it.

I wonder if you google "will fare evasion fuck up my chances of becoming a barrister" then this blog comes up?

I will consider requests for help, but you must ply me with a good bottle of white wine that costs at least £5 from the offy, perhaps a nice gallo chardonnay.

Additionally I wonder if some Law students are stupid, I will not copy and paste you samples of my letter that got me out of my court summons! Here's a hint mention PACE ;)


Mel said...

Why don't you write a post with general tips on dealing with TFL based on your experience? Then when people email you, you can refer to that post rather than replying to each email in detail. That seems the best balance of being nice and not being an LAC :P

If you set up a blog-counter thingy you can then find out what links are leading people to your blog, including possibly Google.

Oliver Smith said...

Mel's idea is probably the best idea.

I wouldn't encourage everyone to mention PACE when dealing with TFL - rather they should mention it if it apears TFL have not complied with obligations placed upon them by PACE

Law Minx said...

Mel's idea is a good one, Lost, you should go with it!

Lost said...

I could do indeed!

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