Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Ok - So no longer giving up.

No longer giving up for the moment, as I angrily type into this blog as I really thought I did not want to post anymore, and do not like going back on my word. I threw a childish tantrum etc and I'm over it now.

I have recently been ill with a sore throat. A sore throat (also known as man flu) normally has been incapacited in bed for weeks and weeks as I refuse to move, but I have actually wanted to work this week so have refused to let it get the best of me.

I have currently applied for one mini pupillage, on an online application form and am waiting to hear from them I (I only applied today) I am also updating my appalling CV, and it is appalling. I really don't look good on paper. I am also trying to go to the De Smith's Judicial Review launch party at Clifford Chance. My Administrative law lecturer happened to co write the book with Lord Woolf, so apparently most of the Law Lords will be there, and it will be good for networking. There are however only 4 places for students, so it will be done by a student lottery.

I may be fortunate however because of my flatmate's aunty being a partner at Clifford Chance to attend that way. If she is going that is, which my flatmate doubts that she would go. I would really love to turn up and be a guest of a partner and look like I was well connected in the world of the law, talk to some law lords. But until flatmate rings Aunty it all looks a bit doubtful so I may have to take my chances with the student lotter. 300 students, 4 places? 1/75 chance isn't that bad!!!

P.s If anyone can help me with CV that would be grand

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Anonymous said...


So Glad to see you've decided to remain in the Ether along with the rest of us. This is, I think, a particularly VILE time of the year for law students, because we are all confronted with the annual race to secure mini pupillage/pupillage/training contracts and Vacation Scheme work, but you have taken some encouraging first steps, and it sounds as if you have some potentially good connections in the pipeline with the flatmates aunt and your Admin Law lecturer.The key thing now is to keep going, and don't give up. I will be happy to look at your CV for you, but don't take my word as verbatim; go to your University Careers centre and make a REAL nuisance of yourself there - they often have staff who will both read and help you draft an excellent CV and a good covering letter out of what you might feel are ordinary or rubbish experiences. Grab yourself a copy when you are there of this years Pupillage and Training Contract Handbook - its free to students and full of loads of good advice! If you get the chance go to the pupillage fair in March; lots of chambers send representatives and its often very useful to have a chat with them so that you can find out what you need to do to get a foot in the door.
There's plenty of things you cando to get the requisite experience -join your uni law society, and if they have one, a mooting society ( if they DON'T have one, why not set one up? even if nothing comes of it at least the attempt to engage others in this subtle art will look impressive on your CV!)
Keep on blogging too - its very cathartic, especially when you are feeling really down in the dumps!!