Friday, 18 January 2008


Ok well with these min pupillage application forms I have to give my first year grades.
To be honest I wasnt a great student, I'm still not a great student, my first year grades weren't very good, so now I'm more worried about whether I will actually get a mini pupillage based on my exam results. Perhaps this is just stupid nonsense that I shouldn't be worried about. However Im growing ever more concerned about what grades I might get this year, if I do not get a 2:1 this year then I will ultimately be crushed and any dreams about becoming a barrister obviously will be as well.

The only turn around for what I can do now is to work a lot harder this year and get the topics done to the best of my ability and then go back and redo the other half of the year when it comes to revision.

Think i've messed this year up too.


Anonymous said...

We are all hoist by the petard of grades, I'm afraid, but then again it also depends on the type of sets you have in mind for your mini - the big Commerical Chancery Tech and Construction sets are positively paralysed by grading, where as the smaller common law sets are not quite so demanding.
First year grades arent generally taken terribly seriously ( after all you're getting into the buisness of learning the law whilst simultaneously bieng tempted by the Sodom that is university life) so now is the time to grow a backbone of discipline and determination and get those 2:1 grades; really, it will make life much easier for you in your third year if you get into the work now.
( PS you absolutely haven't messed up the year until the results are in your hand - there are still two terms left, you know!!)

Android said...

It's possible to become a barrister even with a Richard, although I wouldn't try it.

BVC providers do take candidates with a 2:2, provided they've done other impressive stuff in their lives.

Bar or Bust said...

I think your post here shows a general fault with the advice given to students when they start their first year of a law degree.

The message given to people is that 'don't worry the first year doesn't really matter'. But unfortunatley this isn't the truth at all. As law minx said, work hard this year, and if mini pupillges are a bit hard to come by then think of alternative forms of work experience.

Being in london there should be lots of opportunties to do pro bono work with Law centres. Everyone has mini pupillages on their cv, and atleast one or two are pretty much compulsory, but because evryone has them it has become 'OK, but what else have you got?'

Best of Luck, BoB