Wednesday, 23 January 2008


As people may have noticed I do a lot of moaning and very little practicle things to make my life as a law student better.

In reality I do not really have to moan much about, apart from my idleness which seems to spread throughout my whole body, as "oh can't be bothered" and "too much effort"

I have a friend who is at Oxford studying Law. Now the preparation she HAS to do for each tutorial is just imense, what is expected of her is immense. She has tutorials that are normally 1 on 1, or perhaps 2 on 1 with a tutor. She is grilled on everything that she has read, and then told off if she does not understand something. Whilst at my semi prestigious university I have a tutorial with ten other people, who are also idle, and when a tutor asks us a question and there is no answer she fills in the gaps, sometimes my tutorials (depending on who is teaching) is more like another lecture, instead of a discussion of the material that we are supposed to have read.

Infact I have got it pretty lucky, compared to the chum at oxford.

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Anonymous said...

.. Only trouble is that Chum at Oxford will be able to walk into any legal job she chooses; you and I, dear soul 10 to a room in a tutorial where no one speaks (this happens at my University too, and it is as embarassing as it is frustrating) will have to duke it out for the scraps left in her wake.....