Thursday, 31 January 2008

Jacqui Smith - Quite Right

In the recent Hoo Hah of Jacqui Smith saying she wouldn't visit Hackney at night, can be found here I would like to offer my congratulations to her! Who would visit Hackney at night?
There is something quite evil about Hackney. It does seem that most tort law cases are based against Hackney Council or Hackney Health Authority for this that and the other. In addition so I hear the most child abuse happens in Hackney from a family law student.

Now now East London isn't that bad. I feel I must defend it. Tower hamlets may be viewed as a "bad" area but I do not think it is any worse than tottenham court road, where I've had my phone stolen off me before. I don't have any problems walking back from the bendy bus, or another night bus and get home safely, if not in a very drunken state.

Now all this hoo hah has brought up the "crime" statistics, which you should never really believe, ( I am a criminal statistic conspiracist) because they are manipulated, misquoted, and sometimes made up. According to David Garland and his book "The Culture of Control" 2001 - crime has actually fallen over the past 30 - 40 years (or so my criminology tutor told me) We are much safer than we were in the days of the Bow Street Runners (City of Vice is something else I recommend to watch) All this hoo hah about crime statistics under the Labrador goverment and Jack Straws bloody social policy of a "right to a quiet life" Which thus inspired the crime and disorder act 1998 s1 antisocial behaviour order and then the ASBA 2003. Which in turn made everyone afraid of "yobs" instead of just giving them a good damn deserving smack in the face.

So was Jacqui Smith right? From someone of her social status then properly, why would she need to walk the streets of London at night, I'm quite sure her butler could do it,(she called privileged) some people however do not have the luxury of a police escort and do DARE to walk the streets of "dangerous" east london. Fair enough to the old Girl. I would be fearing for my life to if I was walking round Hackney.

LLLS here with a snobbery sense of how one area of East London is definitely better than Hackney.

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Legal Lass said...

Isn't it funny how everyone feels their area is better than others - such tribalism in london!! I lived on the outskirts of hackney for a few years after uni and it probably was the roughest place I have lived... but that's probably because I was living in a council estate at the time which looked like an episode of the Bill or Shameless...

East London is alright - "coming up" as they say...

Glad you are sticking about, by the way.