Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Dear fellow blog watchers, I only have you to thank for the current success, for which tonight was.
This evening I attended a talk with barristers and solictors, and managed to a great degree to do what I can only call some "perfect" sucking up!

As the barristers talked I asked which BVC provider they would suggest, and the controversy about how you are not supposed to talk about which BVC provider is better than the other. Then I asked a QC about the LSC contract, and the future of the criminal bar.

I had a few glasses of wine, bordering onto being slightly drunk (Mr P you can wage your war whatever way you want, but barristers seemed to drink FAR more than I did this evening) I went around talked to pupils and their fears of gaining tenancy (which they don't like to talk about) Then before I approached Mr QC and he commented on that I was the only person in the room to ask the most questions, and obviously that I was quite interested in criminal law, and how I should drop him an email! I was soo chuffed with myself!!! I even mentioned dear Simon Myerson to the fellow QC and his views on the LSC contract and the future of the bar, and aftering a tad bit of trying to figure out how to say his honour Simon's last name was, he clicked and found it most interesting that he had a blog and that I had read his opinions!

So all to blog watchers, I would say thank you, for without your topics of current affairs I wouldn't have been able to impress the barristers (that shook my hand! cannot believe it!!) that I spoke to.

Thank you soo much :)


Anonymous said...

Well, don't keep us in suspense: who's winning the ICLS vs BPP slug-out in the eyes of the high and mighty?!

Lost London Law Student said...

Hello anonymous, tad stange that I had a similar conversation with a barrister that attended the same event, who went to I think ICLS, and said that BPP although they make you work harder, that in the end that pupillage committes do not care where you get your BVC from, but on a personal level it mattered to the individual as to how well trained you wished to be at the end of the BVC.

Mr Pineapples said...

So - are you the only member of your Love Me Love Me Love Me Club.

Or can we all join?

Were you still totally rat-arsed when you wrote this message or had you sobered up?

I'd say totalled fish-tanked.

Lost London Law Student said...

The love me love me love me club is pretty exclusive.

Wasn't actually that rat-assed just more appreciative, perhaps overly so of other peoples blogging efforts.

Mr Pineapples said...

"Assed" - Don't you mean "Arsed"?

What are you? American all of a sudden?

That figures.

Law Minx said...

My word, Mr P,all this nonsense with respect to Prince Harry has comcpletely set you off on one, has it not?!!

Mr Pineapples said...

Hey Minx - don't knock the ginger one. He is out there shooting bullets as we speak.

Law Minx said...

I do wonder, Mr P - are the princely bullets fully embossed with the legend " You have just been shot by Harry Windsor" and lovingly crafted by the unofficial Armory wing of Stanley and Ley?!?!?