Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Dear fellow blog watchers, I only have you to thank for the current success, for which tonight was.
This evening I attended a talk with barristers and solictors, and managed to a great degree to do what I can only call some "perfect" sucking up!

As the barristers talked I asked which BVC provider they would suggest, and the controversy about how you are not supposed to talk about which BVC provider is better than the other. Then I asked a QC about the LSC contract, and the future of the criminal bar.

I had a few glasses of wine, bordering onto being slightly drunk (Mr P you can wage your war whatever way you want, but barristers seemed to drink FAR more than I did this evening) I went around talked to pupils and their fears of gaining tenancy (which they don't like to talk about) Then before I approached Mr QC and he commented on that I was the only person in the room to ask the most questions, and obviously that I was quite interested in criminal law, and how I should drop him an email! I was soo chuffed with myself!!! I even mentioned dear Simon Myerson to the fellow QC and his views on the LSC contract and the future of the bar, and aftering a tad bit of trying to figure out how to say his honour Simon's last name was, he clicked and found it most interesting that he had a blog and that I had read his opinions!

So all to blog watchers, I would say thank you, for without your topics of current affairs I wouldn't have been able to impress the barristers (that shook my hand! cannot believe it!!) that I spoke to.

Thank you soo much :)


Anonymous said...

Well, don't keep us in suspense: who's winning the ICLS vs BPP slug-out in the eyes of the high and mighty?!

Lost London Law Student said...

Hello anonymous, tad stange that I had a similar conversation with a barrister that attended the same event, who went to I think ICLS, and said that BPP although they make you work harder, that in the end that pupillage committes do not care where you get your BVC from, but on a personal level it mattered to the individual as to how well trained you wished to be at the end of the BVC.

Mr Pineapples said...

So - are you the only member of your Love Me Love Me Love Me Club.

Or can we all join?

Were you still totally rat-arsed when you wrote this message or had you sobered up?

I'd say totalled fish-tanked.

Lost London Law Student said...

The love me love me love me club is pretty exclusive.

Wasn't actually that rat-assed just more appreciative, perhaps overly so of other peoples blogging efforts.

Mr Pineapples said...

"Assed" - Don't you mean "Arsed"?

What are you? American all of a sudden?

That figures.

Anonymous said...

My word, Mr P,all this nonsense with respect to Prince Harry has comcpletely set you off on one, has it not?!!

Mr Pineapples said...

Hey Minx - don't knock the ginger one. He is out there shooting bullets as we speak.

Anonymous said...

I do wonder, Mr P - are the princely bullets fully embossed with the legend " You have just been shot by Harry Windsor" and lovingly crafted by the unofficial Armory wing of Stanley and Ley?!?!?