Friday, 15 February 2008


Stupid Petty Little government shits!!!

I really hope this stupid idea never gets enforced, though probably like all other new la bore ideas it will be.

So not only now do I have to pay an extortionate amount to buy cigarettes but now I may also have to carry some form of license granted to me by the powers that be.

What is the fucking point? This is absolutely hysterical!!!
Yes we may be saving the country's health but what for? For more and more people to live longer lives, so we can work till we are 70 (which I bet my generation will) and so have an ever more struggling NHS because there are old sick people about!! What will they do when all these people live longer because they have stopped smoking? I seriously doubt they will give us all government pensions, which I think will be eradicated certainly in my life time.

So not only will you have to fill out a complex form(who likes complex forms) and send a photo of yourself so the government can put you on their "naughty" list because you smoke. Next you shall need a license for buying chocolate or buying cucumbers(the skin apparently can cause cancer) Perhaps they should also get someone to send a letter of reference to the government to say that you are a committed smoker.

I have already suffered having to go out in the freezing cold to have a cigarette at clubs, which now by the way just smell of arse and B O, (my non smoker friends say they ruch mather prefered it when it smelt of smoke) Eurgh. Smoking it appears will be eradicated for the "greater" good, which means sacrificing small personal freedoms, such as that of personal automony and living the lifestyle you choose to, not one set by the fucking government.

Bloody fucksies!!!!


Anonymous said...

O Dear; Though I am a non smoker myself, I do sympathise with your frustrations - the governement is on a quest to render smokers pariahs.Strange it isnt the same for binge drinkers.

ps: do you still want me to take a butchers at your cv? if so drop me an email!

Legal Lass said...

This has to be the funniest article I have read on this concept:

Charlie Brooker does crack me up at the best of times, but when it is a subject close to my heart (and my lungs...) it is even better!