Monday, 25 May 2009



I finished my undergraduate life on Friday after two very stressful exams, that were slightly more challenging than what I expected. Law of Evidence went ok... I know that I did well in two questions, who knows about the other two. Medical Law and Ethics was really shittingly tough, a lot of people came out of the exam feeling like they did not have a clue what they were writing about and many people after leaving the exam hall were crying. Suffice to say I think I have done well/ok and hopefully this means I shall get into Cambridge, if not and I have done soo badly that I have got a 2:2 I shall be jumping infront of a bendy bus.

I've had a bad hangover the last few days as you can imagine, 8 hours in a pub with £1 a pint.. Thats a lot of pints....

Now I have my Semi Final moot to look forward to, its about UCTA, something again I have no idea about, though hopefully this means that I can apply to some mixed common law sets as I have mooted so much on contract this year, that I actually know bits of it quite well!

3 yrs have gone by really really quickly, and I was a bit sad for moment until I realised that my skeleton was in for tomorrow evening and I don't know anything about it!

Good luck for all of the readers who have finished their exams for this year!!


Bar or Bust said...

Congratulations on finishing your LLB and becoming a graduand.

I am slightly jealous due to still having a Family Law exam to complete and seriuosly suffering from can't be arsed-itis, but such is life.

Good luck with mooting, I have the Quarter Finals on the 9th of June.

Android said...

Congrats on finishing, Lost!

I really hope you get the grades to go to Cambridge!

Lost said...

Me too Andro!!
However considering that the two best subjects that were supposed to pull the other grades up didn't go as I had wanted them it is yet to be seen!!

Eurgh my partner and I got the date wrong for submitting our skeletons, and it is in fact today not tomorrow! I have roughly 3 hours to try and learn something about UCTA!!!

Law Minx said...

The Finishing ( or is that the Beginning?!) post is at hand! Well Done, Lost! Cambridge here you come!! :)