Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tricked, no Irish Cream at the Old Bailey

Yesterday I and some other hardcore aspirant Barristers had the privilege(as did the rest of the public) to sit in on a case at the Old Bailey.

We witnessed the Jury being sworn in and the opening of the prosecution case, which as we discussed latterly made us all rethink a career in criminal law. For if every day was similar to what we witnessed we would rather opt to do something more exciting. We gathered that the pace of the speech was due to everything being said having to be translated, R v Mizra comes to mind here. Further reflecting on the case we concluded that it would probably be a lot more interesting if we were involved.

Currently I trying not to think of my next external moot or the last few weeks as an undegrad!! Lost does not want to grow up and refuses to believe that there are work days that consist of 9-5, rather than 2-4. I'm applying for a rather expensive M.phil at a certain prestigious university so *fingers crossed* I'll get in, if not then I don't really feel ready for the BVC and would prefer to do something else before wasting a year of my life and then spending the year after, unlearning newly learnt skills.

Hope all is well with the fellow bloggers!


Law Minx said...

... Crim, I think is a bit like anaesthetics - 99% practicality, 1% S**T SCARINGLY Exciting!!

Cant believe you are almost at the end of your undergrad days, though that you have no especial wish to grow up and have decided to pursue a quaification at a very CLEVER sort of University, isnt at all surprising, because, in pursuing the Thesis Monster, I, too, decided upon similarly delayed development, and to date am quite enjoying it ( but dont tell the Thesis Monster that)!!

All the best for the upcoming moot - you'll be fine,and you know it!! :)

Bar Boy said...

Lost, heading for an MPhil straight from undergrad is a big ask. I don't doubt you are up to it, but do you think you will stand to get enough out of it. I think you might be better off looking at some vocational study, after which you can always go back to postgrad research (it might be something to keep you occupied whilst you collect the obligatory 100 pupillage rejections).

Lost said...

Barboy it's a taught M.Phil as far as I am aware, not just 18 months self research to go on and do a Phd!!
But if I have got it wrong then can you enlighten me any further?

Lost said...

Minxy I am afraid of growing up! Anything to delay the BTPTPTPT whatever it will be called when I do it and finding pupillage!!

Bar Boy said...

I do not think there is such a course as a taught M.Phil. It might be that there is a taught preparatory element to equip you with the research skills but, if so, I expect you will still find yourself on your own for the remainder (although, subject to the usual supervision).

If she's not too busy drawling over whatever silk is currently taking her fancy, perhaps LM can chip in. She's the expert on post grad research studies.