Sunday, 29 March 2009

Advice # 3

Sometimes dear Bloggers, Blaggers and Blawgers,

I feel as if my entire life is a continuous repeat of trial and error. Though more occasionally, I feel there are less trials and certainly more errors. Advice # 3 is based on this.

Always know who you are dealing with at all times. Someone whom I recently mooted in front of was not a junior but was actually made a QC back in February.

I am most noticeably annoyed that the serial stalking of him on Chambers website did not turn up this very crucial piece of information!!

Of course unless you see the Barrister who has taken the rich and equally more swishhy Silk (or perhaps it does not swish like Junior Counsel's robes but glides or floats above the ground as if by magic) how the devil are you supposed to know WHO(or is that whom) you are talking to?

Lost has been very confused lately by solicitor advocate robes as well, as they look quite similar to a QC's robes, or so he thinks. This inability to tell the difference between the Bigger Boys who demand vast sums of money and the junior ones who will get you off a Robbery Conviction for a £5 has left him feeling very puzzled indeed.

Lost is glad that he did not make the mistake of being terribly drunk in front of one of the Queen's Counsel and that he suitably sucked up.. I mean "networked" (I HATE networking) afterwards.

But a lesson to always be learnt is always treat people with the same respect and kindness that you would want to be treated with, for with people at the Bar I gather reputation of being a bastard will surely spread on your circuit very quickly.

With remembering what I have just said I shall hereby also make a promise to NEVER take advantage of the free wine/champers/beer at any social event ever again. For as one lecturer recently remarked when I was trying to be polite but eventually dug myself a HUGE cataclysmic hole "I think he's had too much to drink", which taken with the previous "there is a word for people like you.. a swot" I generally take that as I am not considered good company to keep?

The Shame.

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Law Minx said...

My Dear Lost,

I, too, have trouble distinguising solicitor advocates from silk and am forever trying to peek beneath the robes to see if they are wearing the short court coat which typifies a Queen's Counsel; this does, of course, make it seem as if I am staring at the more unmentionable parts of the human anatomy, such that one of these days I am likely to be slung out of court for bieng a pervert.

I would suggest then, that Solicitor Advocates are made to go about with a bright neon sign (flashing)upon their backs which announce to the world their title and function.
Works for me - what about you?!?!