Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Another Win!!!!!

Last night myself and my most glorious super lovely partner progressed past the third round of the OUP and are now in the Quarter Finals!!

It was much less intense than mooting in front of Mr Myerson QC, in fact I wasn't asked a single question!

Nor did I have the opportunity to say "Yes m'lord Top Grade Pigs!" which my partner now suggests that I put into every moot speech!

According to the Judge it was close, my lecturer on the other hand said differently.
I think that had the judge not been travelling around 4 different cities that day he might have been less tired and more interested in what I was saying.

In fact I actually caught him NOT paying attention to my learned self. He was flicking through the bundle in a despondent manner as I was reading out a passage from a case I had cited. I proceeded to politely remind his Lordship at which Tab and page we were at to which he was grateful for.

So Yay! We are through to the Quarter Finals!! If only it was the same competition as Bar or Bust then there could have been an epic battle of the bloggers but alas no, different competitions!
I am so determined to get through to the Semi Final's and then the finals!! I was told that I would have made the Finals of my own internal competition if not for having been up all night and had not been shaking from too many red bulls!!

I doubt any moot will top what happened in Leeds though.. but we will have to see..


Law Minx said...

Congratulations Lost!

Despite my VERY senior moment recently, when I thought that you and BoB were participating in the SAME competition, I now see that it is very wonderful to have two Best Blogging Blokes in SEPERATE competitions, proof positive that those who hang around in the Ether Moot Supremely!
PS: Word Captcha : BoatBum - are you trying to tell me something?

Android said...

Well Done, Lost!!! I won't believe you if you'll try to claim that you don't have enough stuff to put on pupillage applications!

Michael said...

Great stuff, Lost. Long may it continue! :-)

Oliver Smith said...


Lost said...

Thanks guys for your kind comments :)
I still wont have anything decent to put on my pupillage form!! I swear! Perhaps I'll give it a go, just to see what the feedback is like! But I'm still waiting to hear back from 3 mini pupillages!!

Minx I cant ever understand your Ps.s! Boatbum? Word Captcha??

My partner in mooting is supremely better than me, so for the next moot I am going to try and get in lots of practice instead of giving a slightly scripted speech still!

Law Minx said...

My Dear Lost,

When one posts a comment one has to provide word verification - also known as word captcha (slang) in my case this phrase, which allowed my last post, was 'BoatBum'. For this present post its' 'Achne'!!

Mel said...

Well done you!

I must have missed your mooting before Myerson QC, can't imagine that was a walk in the park!

Being a total sad sack, I listen to Radio 4 all the time. A while ago, they had a comedy sitcom set in Chambers - one of the barristers had a long running betting game with an opponent over who could get certain phrases into their submissions.

The clincher was when he referred to his opponent as a cunning linguist and won the bet, I think. Top Grade Pigs is brill1

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