Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Moot Hell

I have a moot on Monday and the skeleton is in for tomorrow.
Despite my usual competitiveness, it is the end of term and I have lost all drive to complete my skeleton which will be unusually complex as all the case law is against us.

The moot is on Williams v Roffey, and whether Dave can bind Company X to a promise, which effectively had no consideration. Williams v Roffey says - yes there is a practical benefit that amounts to consideration. However with the part payment of debt and Re SelectMove that says no Williams v Roffey is not compatible with Foakes v Beer..

I'll come up with a decent argument turn up on Monday and hopefully I won't have to use notes.. so this is not a promise. I just want this moot over so I can actually get on with some revision or is that learning?


Law Minx said...
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Lost said...

Eh?? I don't understand :(

Law Minx said...

Bugger - wrong as usual! I am a SENILE old Minx! I MEANT Bar or Bust - but then you already new that didn't you?!

Ps: Captcha word: Tosser!! ( what does that say about me, I wonder?!?!)

Michael said...

Sounds like you're in dire need for a chill-pill, Lost. I know what it's like suffering from end-of-term panic attacks - I've just had my own bout of them. Sadly, there's no panacea: just take a deep breath, focus on your immediate priority and hopefully, the rest should fall into place.

Android said...

Chill out, Lost. You've won a moot infront of Simon Myerson QC, you can do it! Good luck!

Lost said...

If only the judge this time was Mr Myerson QC!! Still don't know who our judge is (*AHEM* blatant breach of the mooting rules *AHEM*)

I'm still working on my skeleton have a few cases to read and the like... is sooooo not fun..

I shall take a chill pill on the 22nd May along with a variety of very alcoholic drinks when i finish..

Minxy? Tosser? Me? :O

Oliver Smith said...

You'll be fine. You've got, from the sound of things, very good mooting skills - that'll help a lot!

Good Luck.