Tuesday, 9 September 2008

What can I do with these books?

I have books of law bursting out of my REAR. All these books that I have only really have read or have never read at all, and they are still all lieing about my room, my flat and all need storage?!?!

Fellow bloggers, please tell me what your storage solution was to the endless amount of books an LLB students seems to amass?


Law Minx said...

Ah. I fear you may have to go through your books with some degree of ruthlessness, saving the ones that you really REALLY want to keep, and flog the rest to students the year beneath you; statute books sometimes go quite well this way, as do some core texts, but dont hold your breath - if all law students are anything like me, they will want brand new shiny copies to do with as they please - especially if you have underlined or highlighted your copy.
You could try flogging the redundant on E-Bay or at this site, which I'm told works pretty well ( though I cant say I've tried it) - go and have a look!!


Lost said...

Aww cheers! I seem to want to keep a lot of books that I have never read because I put myself under the impression that I will read them later!!

When are you down in London Minx?

Law Minx said...

The trouble with law books is that you can never have too many of them - you just never get around to reading them, althoug buying them seemed like a good idea at the time!
I hope to be up in the smoke for Call in October :)
Are you going to go to Blawgdrinkies held by GeekLawyer this coming Monday?!