Friday, 5 September 2008

Resit Results

UPDATE - I passed, well a 2:2 in EU, which isnt that bad seeming as that I thought it may have been another 39%!!! YAY:D

Resit results are out tomorrow, just EU that I had to resit, whilst doing reasonably well in the others. I really really really hope I have passed, but if I have failed it and have to take it again in May 2009 I shall be devasted!

I feel really sick and can't sleep, so have started organsing bills and any other piece of paper I can get my hands on!

I'll update with whether or not I've passed(I should bloody expect that I have passed!!) later on today! EeeK!


Oliver Smith said...

I hope that the resit has went well.

Swiss Tony said...

Well done Lost. And you didn't even avail yourself of my foolproof system!


Lost said...

Hey Swiss, really sorry!
I looked at your notes and I was kinda like WTF?!?! Head spinning, wanting to vomit and pass out on the floor!

Ta anyway :)!

Oliver Smith said...

Well done.

Personally, I am dreading when the time comes for me to study EU takes a whole year!

Law Minx said...

O Well DONE Lost! :) *Hugz* EU is like Marmite, I think - you either love it or hate it! Either way, thank GAWD its all over with!!! Onward and upward!! :))