Wednesday, 17 December 2008


**Edit** Just hate the tired feeling of going in at 9 and coming out at 5! So tired! How do normal people function? Let alone how will I function as Barrister working 14 hours a day? !

Suffice to say that I HATE my work experience with the solicitors so far.
If I make it through the week without calling in sick then that will be great.

The main reason for my hatred is that in the past two days no one has offered to buy me lunch!!


Mr Pineapples said...

You're too fat anyway

Lost said...

I know Mr P, however if I don't eat my lunch my body will think it is going into starvation mode and therefore store up calories.

So much better that a solicitor gets me a nice tasty lunch!

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something - why would they buy you lunch?

Lost said...

Well with minis the general rule is that they are expected to buy you, your lunch. Mr Myerson says that if they do not buy your lunch then you should think twice about applying to them.

I think I am going to have to go without lunch being £50 over my overdraft already and probably incurring a lot of charges.

Today was actually a bit better and more bearable! Saying that the only reason why I got pissed off yesterday was because I was left in the public gallery!

Bar Boy said...

Whilst it is unlikely to be much more than a sandwich and a posh coffee, I'd agree. They should stump up for lunch. I hope they are paying for your travel and any other out of pocket expenses. If not, they should be named and shamed.

Anonymous said...

Ah - well I have rarely been bought lunch on a mini- except when with the same person all day and we went to the canteen at the same time (and wouldn't expect to be bought lunch anyway) - I seem to miss so many tricks - like the posts people have done about getting back in touch with people from minis - as I said I havent except with people who expressly told me to.

Possibly i should take the hint!!! Sigh!

Lacklustre Lawyer said...

Hi Lost,

Are you doing a vac sch with a commercial law firm? I did one of these this year and didn't like it much. Especially not as much as the mini I also undertook. It did help reinforce just how much more I want to be a barrister.

Lost said...

Im doing work with a criminal solicitors, I take it back I don't hate it, I think its because I come in every day feeling like shit and tired?

Yesterday was really good, sat in court whilst about 10 barristers argued about nothing!