Friday, 19 June 2009

Presents for Lecturers

Ok, now I have been called a Swot in the past, but it is acceptable to get presents for lecturers? Or is it a tremendous faux pas that should be completely and utterly avoided?

This year I have come to know two lecturers quite well, I think they like me and I would like to show some gratitude for them teaching me (in addition to paying my tuition fees) and also helping me with extra-curricular stuff and always being very helpful with career advise (don't go to the criminal bar, is normally always repeated)

As they are both barristers, I am not sure how well it would go down. With one lecturer I expect it would be a delight (I think quite a few people are getting them something), with the other I can imagine it might be a bit awkward, as they already think I am a bit of suck up.

Advise please? Did anyone else treat their lecturers to chocolates and cheap booze? (about as much as I can afford)

I finally found out how my average grade is calculated. My law department is obsessed with giving out degree classifications based on how many of the same marks you have i.e 4 2:1s, providing other grades are ok means you will get a 2:1, you can be considered for a first if you have a minimum of three of them, and other grades are not too bad.

This means that my university will award me a 2:1 even though my average mark of the 2nd and 3rd year may be below 60%. (f'ing hope not!)

The average mark is calculated by adding up and averaging all 2nd and 3rd year grades. So I have calculated that unless I get three firsts this year, I really don't have much of a chance of getting into Cambridge. I thought that as the third year is said to count more, this would be true when it came to calculating your average grade, such as the third year counting for 60% and the second 40% but no its all equal!



Michael said...

Wow... that's some serious brown-nosing Lost. :p
Personally, I would steer clear of giving gifts to lecturers - it might smack slightly of desperation, be akin to a 'pushy parent' buying gifts for their child to present to their primary school teachers or, to the more cynical, indicate a certain level of corruption. Still, if you're heading for the bar.....
Just kidding. :p

Andy Stone said...

In my experience, the best present you can get your lecturers is to demonstrate over coming years that you have put what they have been trying to teach you to good use.

At my uni, nothing puts a smile on the face of the staff as much as hearing one of their brood has won a pupillage or - gods forbid - a training contract.

In any case if you do want to metaphorically fellate / perform cunnilingus on your lecturers you might wish to leave it until your grades come out (as per Michael's comments on corruption).

Law Minx said...

I think a Thank You card is probably the best idea, to be honest. I wouldn't go so far as to buy outright gifts - I dont think that would be appropriate. But a nice card goes a long way to making the hard working feel greatly appreciated. I was always touched when people gave me cards when I worked as a nurse - it seemed to me a validation of the fact that all the damned hassle stress and inconvenience of the job made it worthwhile. I am quite sure your tutors would take much from a simple expression of gratitude, too.

Anonymous said...

From the biggest sucker upper in thr world ever (no really even my best friend has the odd shocked chuckle at my antics) do not send gifts. No one wants a piece of tat to gather dust. Post results, a borderline syncophatic email is plenty, or should you be so unlazy Minxys suggestion of a card is a nice touch.

Don't feel too dismayed about pending result - with all your swoting antics this year you may just get the 3 firsts (I got 4 firsts in 3rd year courses) and not only get your average but also by your uni a first to boot (I didnt not get a first as my average was only 68% and at my uni ot was 70% or nothing)

Lost said...

Hi guys, thank you all..
Yes I realise that its some serious brown nosing, but one particular lecturer always bought us champagne etc after we won moots (whilst we were winning them) I think in that case, I could probably get away with a Thank You Card and an bottle of wine.. thats not TOO swotty, or so I am trying to convince myself.

The other one can just have a thank you ;)

Corruption! How very dare you suggest such a thing! All the papers are marked anon, so they could possibly know which paper was mine... (perhaps I should have slipped them a present with a hand writing sample..)

Will wait til after results are out, and "presents" shall be limited to Thank you Cards and a bottle of wine.. I think thats a fair compromise..

Android said...

I wouldn't...

Stuart said...
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Lost said...

Ah ok.. I am going to take a majority verdict and not get a present.. hmm..