Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Le Dinner de Con

Last night was the Middle Temple Scholarship Dinner, apparently the first of its kind or so Master Treasurer thought. The evening started off in a pub just off Middle Temple Lane meeting Bar or Bust, for a quick drink, or so that was the plan, however I was quite hungover from the previous day of boozing due to it being results day.

We set off for Middle Temple for the reception in the Garden, met a fantastic Lady Bencher(the first ever lady bencher at Middle Temple), 83 still smoking, the most fantastic voice you have ever heard who knew Lord Denning (or Tom as she called him) and Lord Diplock.

We sat down for the meal, and after 5 minutes of talking I discovered that I was surrounded by commercial barristers, oh, this would certainly not assist in showing off my law of evidence knowledge. What I was most surprised about was that all the people sitting around me had gone to Cambridge, the benchers, the barristers, the students, it felt like a huge over exaggeration, however that may just have been what the Bar was like when they joined.

I overheard some students next to me talking about Criminal pupillage, and where they wanted to go, so naturally after having not a lot to say to the commercial barristers I attempted to join in. I'm not entirely sure if it was because I was trying very desperately to talk to people instead of just staring into my wine glass whilst the benchers were chatting up the pretty lady scholars, and hence not interested in the slightly jewish looking boy, but I didn't feel them as entirely approachable.

Once the barristers had left and the domas' were said (still don't know what Domas means) I had a quick chat to the criminal wannabes again, but decidely left to someone I knew who wouldn't annoy me very much and headed off to get Bar or Bust, who was only sitting next to the woman who interviewed me.

The evening ended after Bob and I picked up the most dispirited and very very drunk aspirant, who was just a bit slightly mad.

I thought the evening was good, the barristers seemed fun enough. Whilst I am not an extraordinary people person, I really do hate networking and sucking up to people I do not know, there seemed to be lots of other people doing it, or maybe they were just like me and a bit out of their comfort zone and wanted to make the most of it.


barmaid said...

Hi Lost,

Domus means 'home' - at least I think it does anyway.

Inn things are a bit odd, but you will get used to them. I sometimes pop into my Inn at lunchtime and have found that the less formal atmosphere at lunchtime has helped me to get used to the place.

All the best for the future.

barboy said...

Benchers slobbering over the bar totty. So, Middle is no different than Inner then. Just pour yourself a glass of plonk, stand back, affect your best David Attenborough. And here we have the nightly ritual of the sad old gits circling their prey ...

Lost said...

You are right.. I doubt any of the barristers could remember my name by the end of the night, but im sure they could remember the girls names.

I think if they do it again, they could perhaps arrange it so you are sitting in an area of interest, so you do not come to a conversational stand still

barboy said...

BM is right. You will get more of a look in if you go at lunchtime. You will not get a qualifying session but you should get a better opportunity to get talk to people. Getting a mentor (if Middle do that) would probably also be a good idea.

To see some of the women put up with the saddo benchers in full on leching mode is always good for a laugh, and reminds me of the classic Mrs Merton line ... so, tell me, what first attracted you to multi millionaire Paul Daniels.