Thursday, 30 April 2009


My friends and I often make up very stupid jokes, about wearing scents of perfume that encompass certain emotions.

The most common ones are Rejeรงtion, Desperation and Rage.. (of course all said with a french accent)

Today I despaired as yet another mini-pupillage rejection letter came through the door.

So therefore today I am completely and utterly miserable.


barmaid said...

Don't worry about it L, just keep knocking on those doors and one or two will open.

Michael said...

Wise words from Barmaid there. Rejection letters seem an inevitable part of the process of any aspiring barrister, Lost. Keep at it! :-)

Law Minx said...

*Big GIANT Hugz* Dare I ask what chambers you tried? You can always email/facebook if you are feeling exceptionally pissed off, Y'know.....!

Swiss Tony said...

Lost, surely you have learned by now that the whole pupillage thing makes no sense. Mini's, proper's, there is no rhyme or reason behind it all.

Think of it like women. You can woo them, ask them out, be rejected, but one day you will meet the one, fall in love, get married, and be miserable for the rest of your life.

Take it easy, keep plugging away and it will happen.

I will also add, that my last mini was such a mind numbing waste of time that I couldn't face doing another one. If you have done a few, stop.


Lost said...

Hi Thanks All,

I was having a particularly shit day with being awake for 20+ to try and tackle the issue of shareholders in company law, and I succeeded in slaying the beast..

Yeh need to take it on the chin rather than spazzing out, otherwise how will I react when dealin with ACTUAL pupillage rejections!!

Odysseus said...

I sympathise! I have had many of those. Worse are the ones that just leave you hanging. I sent off just shy of 15 this year, heard negative from two, positive from three but the rest...nada. Nothing. Kaput. How polite these legal people are!

Lost said...

Some chambers write back to tell you definitely no, others say sorry we are full put you should consider applying for pupillage with us...

Others just don't contact unsuccessful candidates, I know why I wasn't chosen for this particular one, it was open to my university and there were five spaces for people to get interviewed then two for actual mini pupillage, so I can understand that there are better applicants than me just doesnt make me feel so great!!

Leaving it hanging is the most annoying problem I have!

I was once assured by email that I had got a place (i was being a bit persistant) only to later get a letter saying I hadn't got it!

Sigh! Legal life eh!