Thursday, 9 April 2009


I can only express my EXTREME disappointment with the organisers of the moot competition am I in.

They have given us yet ANOTHER contract law problem again concerning UCTA. Now this was somewhat covered in the 2nd round moot, and I am surprised it has returned again to rear its horrifically ugly head.

Surprisingly all my knowledge of contract law comes from mooting as being a juvenile in my first year I decided that I would not need to know about it when pursuing a career in Criminal Law.

Alas I now wish I had done more... the moot is next month after my exams so hopefully I will have enough time to celebrate finishing university (is that celebrate or cry uncontrobally about having to now be a responsible adult?)

The moot must go on!


Mel said...

Contract law will come in useful when you do the BVC, which should be something. I scraped through contract in my first year (didn't like the tutor, didn't really attend) and so suffered this year.

The year I mooted, all my moots were on the (then, new) Sexual Offences Act. R v Dica and all that. Urgh.

Michael said...

Good luck with that one, Lost. I couldn't tell you a single thing about the UCTA now. Just something about, um, no, I really don't know.

I got a first in contract as well. My memory is shockingly bad at times.

Android said...

I too got a First in Contract. :D

Lost, you'll be fine - I know it. You've come so far, you must've learnt something about contract law! :)

Michael said...

Andro, you're such a show-off! :p

Law Minx said...

UCTA = YUK= Sympathies!!!!!

Lost said...

What is with all the firsts!! You SWOTS!!

I hope to get two firsts this year in Evidence and Medical Ethics! And that will fulfil me for my first quotas... you swines!