Friday, 7 November 2008

Lost does Burlesque

Well not me personally, I was dragged rather quite unwillingly to go see a burlesque competition in East London tonight as my former flat mate and buddy from back home had designed one of the costumes. There was lots of boobies with nipple tassels, and suggestive spanking, which you would think would arouse any man.

I thought the evening would be filled with lots of men in Parker jackets, with seedy looks on their faces, but surprise surprise there were actually more women than men and all of them quite young!

Needless to say that my former flat mate and most talented costume designer was backing the right horse as the girl wearing her costume won! Hurrah!

Not something I intend to do again out of choice, but at least it was more enjoyable than an essay on Hart's internal/external view for Jurisprudence due Monday.


Law Minx said...

Phew, for one minute I thought you were PERFORMING burlesque wearing your pals designer costume ! Actually this might have been a good idea, just to get you used to performing in front of crowds of not necessarily friendly people..... What could we have called you? 'Lost Von Tease' , perhaps?!

Swiss Tony said...

Minx, How else do you think Lost and I will be getting pupillage? We have a routine worked out already.

Trouble is, we used superglue on the nipple tassels.


ps Lost, were you the only one there wearing a parka and looking seedy?

Lost said...

Lost your tease maybe would be more appropriate!

I shall definitely get pupillage this way!

Swizz - I knew that if I posted about burlesque you would comment!
I was wearing a big pea coat, so perhaps looked a bit seedy!!

Though the man on the door was in drag so I wasn't really sure if I should be scared or not, though most drag queens seemt to warm to me either calling me Sam Sparrow or Hugh Grant hmmm

Law Minx said...

Honestly, what a pair of Trollops you two are!! :)