Thursday, 13 November 2008

I won!

Ok so not really a BIG achievement being that there were only 3 of us that attended the moot, and the fourth person never actually signed up and it was all a mistake that she was competing.

I am however releaved that my 20 hours of mooting preparation is over and that I can continue to the next round. I am slightly peeved though that some people can get away with doing a couple hours of work and wing it!!

The general feedback was that I should know the case at hand inside out, the problem being that when I was asked a question about the facts I did not have the problem question at my disposal because they moot master asked for a copy before I went into Moot! So slightly peeved about that, but hey what can I do. My ability to respond was quite good as was my style. Feedback also included that I should keep my hands still, not rest my chin on my hand or touch my face, however I was SO hot that I had to wipe my very sweaty forehead.

So all in all a good moot, much better than last year probably because the judge was very nice, didn't ask for a summary of the facts of the case, nor really had any problem with my submissions.

I've been parterned for the next round with the opponent who also got through, though we are all judged individually, so lets see hope it goes.. watch this space!!


P.s also not appreciating having been awake since 7am and now staying at Uni til 8:30 because I have to interview a client for LAC. *zombie*


Oliver Smith said...

Congratulations. What was the case anyway?

The only time I ever mooted it was an appeal against the appellants conviction for Breach of the Peace.

Law Minx said...

O very well DONE Lost!! (((((HUGZ))))) I do hope its done you a power of good on the confidence to do the job front!!!

Lost said...

The case was whether an advertisement was an offer or an invitation to treat.

I now have thorough knowledge of Carbolic Smoke Ball, Daulia v Milbank, and all the other useless cases that I won't need when I go to the criminal bar! I hated contract law in the first year, found it really difficult in reflection it is actually quite straight forward! Garh wish I could turn back the clocks of time!

Minx - it has given me some confidence, I just need to stop touching my face and remember the facts next time!!

Android said...

Congrats!!!! And Good luck for your next round! When is it, by the way?

I actually have some negative connotations associated with mooting, which is probably why I didn't take part in it since uni. I never got a chance to moot externally, although during my 3 yrs of LLB I took part in every stupid internal mooting competition... So, in my 3rd year, we were competing to take part in a prestigious external moot. I got to the semi-final, and then my own BF (now 'the ex' ;D), who was the master of the moot then, picked someone else for the external moot! Of course, he made sure he went through as well (b*stard!).

I never got over that, actually... ;D

Lost said...

What a prick Andro!!
There are a lot of people that pick themselves to go into competitions ehy! Bastards!