Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A new thought.

Keeping up with my English heritage I have truely decided that a cup of tea solves everything (possibly except imminent failure of exams) Work has been slow, really slow. I'm a week behind, and that's not very good when I don't have an extra week to schedule everything that I planned to do. Oh well as they say down the pony club Tally Ho! Why are there always students who look back on the year of education that has cost them £3,000 and say "why didn't I do more work" the reason being that you were probably having such a good time, that the possiblity of not getting a 2:1 in your exams seemed a very distant thought indeed. Not to mention the impossibility of getting a pupillage after that! So I'm a week behind with no back up plan except to do all the work.

I have also suddenly realised that Admin law is perhaps the most inconvenient law of all as there are NO good textbooks on the subject matter! Which means painfully I have to look to the dreaded De Smith, where a chapter is around 60 pages! Hark woe is me. Luckily all my other courses apart from Criminology(shiver) can all be learnt from one coherent text book!(Praise be Hudsons "Equity and Trusts"and L&O's "Tort Text and Materials"!

Coming soon - an interesting post about mooting and how to do well in it (obviously not following my earlier example but what I've learnt from watching my fellow peers mooting infront of a Law Lord.)

P.s Like the pictures or perhaps too much?


Anonymous said...


The pictures are excellent and very artistically placed!!

I actually quite liked Constitutional and Admin Law even though the lecturer's suggested texts sucked, largely because he was a very good lecturer ,very enthusiastic about a subject withe the potential to be very dry.
I'm afraid to say however that the very MENTION of the word " Trusts" is wont to send me into a state of hyperhidosis and a continual nervous tick.
I hope all is going well for you on the exam front - and there is nothing like a good cuppa to cure the world of law of all it's ills!!

Michael said...

Oh boy - I still have nightmares over the De Lacy 'consti' textbook we were asked to bring to every seminar. Like Minxy, I had a very enthusiastic (if rather eccentric) lecturer for this module despite the appalling choice of texts. The De Lacy tombs tend to make great doorstops though - even for heavy firedoors. Or - ballast for ships, maybe?

I'm not a big tea-lover but I think the pictures you've posted add a good dollop of visual appeal to your blog. I've always felt that pictures can add a lot to a blog. Good call!

Android said...

I never understood Public law at uni (or enjoyed it!) We used Alex Carroll's book. I've never even opened it until that distant Easter of 2005, but after reading the whole book in like a week, I managed to get a descent grade in the end. I couldn't believe it. ;D

So yea... Diligence conquers all :p

Lost London Law Student said...

Ah see Trusts is really quite interesting as I have the lecturer of the book, so his lecture really just is his book.

Admin is soo far from useful that and EU which are half courses this year are the ones everyone is worrying about because most people did no work for them.

I still have nightmares about handing in A-Level course work... eek!

Im sure procrastinating will conquer all!