Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pupillage Season - Criminal Pupillages

So the pupillage season is upon us (and I am aware I haven't updated this blog in a long time)

I am currently going through the frustrating process of filling in the form. It is irritating to say the least. How much do I say on one particular topic? Is it best to be concise i.e "I worked here for x months, I did X and X" or should we all say "Oh I had a jolly good time with my new BFF HHJ Temperamental?". Concise is the way forward I feel. Short sentences must be used. Explanations of areas of interest must be given. I must re-write the same answer for the pupillage questionnaire at the end 5 times.

I still can't find the appropriate section into which to put my mooting experience.. perhaps the responsibilities and awards section?

I also wonder why I am applying. I am due to be going off to a foreign country to work on death penalty cases for three months and therefore will probably miss all of the interviews anyway :(

In any event I have made a list of all London Chambers offering a pupillage that are either crime only sets, or have it as a specialism.

The list is as follows; I have made note of who the Chambers are, pupillage award and number of pupillages. They are all to begin in Sept 2012.


  • - 6KBW (£20-£25K or it has been said elsewhere £31,000) NofP: 3
  • - 2 Hare Court - (£20-25k) 2012 - 2
  • - Matrix (£25-£30k) - 2
  • - Argent Chambers (£10-15K) – 2
  • - 5 Paper Buildings (£20-25k) – 2
  • - QEB - (£20-25k) – 4
  • - 3 Raymond Buildings - (£30k) – 3
  • - 18 Red Lion Court - (£15-20k) – 4
  • - 5 St Andrews Hill - (£10 - £15k) – 2
  • - 2 Bedford Row – (£20-25K) – 4
  • - 9 Bedford Row - (£10-£15k) - 0
  • - 25 Beford Row - (£15-20k) 4
  • - Tooks – (£15k – £20k) 2
  • - 9 – 12 Bell Yard - (£25k-£30) – 3
  • - Charter Chambers - (£20k-£25k) – 2
  • - Carmelite Chambers – (£15k-£20k) - 3
  • - 23 essex street – (£20-£25k) 2
  • - 187 fleet street – (£10-15k) – 2
  • - Garden Court - (£15- 20k) – 6
  • - Doughty Street – (£25k – 30k) - 3
  • - 15 new bridge street *£10k- 15k) – 2
Good luck everyone!


Law Minx said...

Hiya Lost,

Nice to see you back in the ether!

The application process is, it would seem as frustrating as ever.

I'd be inclined to place my mooting experiences in the legal sections.

As to interviews, they can be done over the phone y'know - and if you are abroad when pupillage actually starts, there's always the possibility of deferral, if chambers is happy with such!

Either way, good luck! ( We will ALL need it, I think!)

Michael said...

Great to see you're still with us and best of luck with the applications! :-)

? said...

Hi guys.

Nice to be back!

Im slugging along with the application process, determined not to leave it to the last minute.

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