Sunday, 23 August 2009

Andro works her magic and TA DA!

Many many many Thanks to Andro who has very kindly redesigned my blog to be very much more pleasing to the aesthetic barrister wannabe eye.

Andro is a goddess of web design, and chambers are missing a trick for not giving her pupillage, think of all the website designing she could do!!

Thank you Andro




Android said...

My pleasure. Glad you like it, Lost :)

Law Minx said...

What a FABULOUS new page, Lost - you must be well chuffed!

Andro, you are seriously BLOODY Amazing!You should be making a living doing this in the run up to pupillage!!! Think of all the truly ICKSOME chambers websites out there that would benefit from your touch!!!!( as far as I am concerned, they should be queueing up around the CORNER vying for your services!)

Odysseus said...

Very impressive work Andro! Definitely a huge improvement! I am left rather jealous of your web skills (sounds like something Spiderman would have!), and of Lost's glossy new page!

Swiss Tony said...

Lost, is the picture supposed to be Andropov, or you?

Andropov, you wave your wand over blogs and transform them into delightful and artistic sites.

Next year, there may be an award for the best Andro designed site, which to be honest, Swiss will win hands down.

I hope that Lost is at least half as grateful as I am.


Anonymous said...



Templar said...

Gosh, this looks bloody fantastic. When's the housewarming?

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