Thursday, 27 March 2008


I've been ill recently so haven't posted. I haven't even been able to drink, thats how poorly I am.
All better now that I've taken the meds, and have slept with a hot wheat sack, that smells of lavender. I really really do need a big big vodka and pineapple. Actually my choice is a double vodka with soda and lime, or a bottle of wine to get me off my tits.

I've been slightly bored recently, it seems all so trendy to have a law blog. Where are the other law blags that have a sense of failure, direct language that oh may sometimes involve swearing, admitting that you've gone out and done a big bender. A blag even of a student, doing stupid shit not trying to perfect themselves. I'm just finding it incredibly difficult to deal with a lot of bullshit that perhaps I write myself, and that I pick up from every other law fucker out there that just wants something to put on their CV rather than just say how it is. (note - if i didn't like your law blog I wouldn't read it and have it listed, apart from Mr P who doesn't have a blog, but prefers to piss everyone off - loveable or perhaps not - just a mention Mr P - booze booze booze, I drink it through my rectum! Still here ;)

Then there is the apprentice with Nick the prick. A toff, who was actually quite good at art, who failed to stand up for himself infront of big working class twat Alex, who seemed to have all the women swooning as well as his mate blender face. Why wasn't Alex fired? He was a weak team leader, wouldn't have noticed if the rest of the team swapped the fish for a black hair stall. Regional sales manager my cock.

End of rant.


Anonymous said...


Glad to see that you're recovered from your illness; its bloody wretched bieng sick at Uni.

You sound seriously pissed off - should I be worried??

I think the right guy was fired, to be honest; at least Alex, however incompetent, stepped up to the plate and took on the job of team leader when no one else wanted it.
Nick the Prick is a pompous, assenine fool, a smug self important little man who thinks exams are more important than people.God help the Bar if thats the currnt calibre of candidate for pupillage!!

Lost London Law Student said...

Exams are coming up.
Mates have decided to drop out of uni or defer the year. Other law students are way above me in the amount of work they have done.

So I'm a bit pissed off!
Me and my mates liked Nick.. hated Alex, we appear to be in the minority!

Anonymous said...

... I wouldn't take the word of other law students with regard to the ammount of work they've done; their boasts are a big load of insecure old pooh.
What a bugger with respect to your mates. No wonder you're brassed.
As to Nick the Prick, well, you are a kinder soul than I; I still think he sucks.

Android said...

Good luck on your exams!

I bet you're revising this very moment. )